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Three Simple Ways to be a Smart Adult

Smart Adult Skills to LearnAre you new to adult-ing or just in need of a fresh start to get things back on track? Read these three easy ways to help guide you towards success.

Plan for the end

Everyone tells you to plan for the future by purchasing insurance, but has anyone brought up planning for the end? It might seem morbid, but death is a fact of life. While it could be half a lifetime away, it pays to prepare.

The good news, though, is planning for the future doesn’t have to be expensive. There are trusted providers of cheap funeral plans that will work with your budget. Some companies also offer promotions or discounts on cemetery plots when you purchase in advance.

You could be fit and healthy your whole life, but demise is still inevitable, and these are conversations you should be having as early as now.

Use your phone

Your phone isn’t just for keeping tabs on your friends on Facebook or sending your mates photos from last weekend’s lads’ night over WeChat. About 83% of adults in the UK have a smartphone, and when used intelligently, these nifty devices can make your life go so smoothly.

Do you want to be smarter with your finances? A budgeting app will help you track your expenses, keep an eye on your income and show you where to cut costs and make improvements. Can’t seem to get anything done? Download an app that can organise your tasks and help you stay focused.

Learn a new skill

Learning is an exciting, lifelong process. As a new adult, think of the skills you lack and set goals to learn them. It could be a simple but incredibly useful skill, such as knowing your way around the kitchen to make budget-friendly, 30-minute meals.

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Perhaps it could a little bit more complex, such as knowing how to fix your apartment’s plumbing. Bonus: Knowing how to do things yourself will help save you a lot of money in the future!

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, making mistakes and learning from them is a huge part of being an adult.

  • Posted on October 2, 2018