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Top 3 Flooring Options for Different Business Environments

flooringSome people find themselves on the floor with a painful back or a sprained foot—the unlucky victims of a fall. Slippery floors can be hazardous and many people find themselves unable to get up easily. Instead, they spend weeks in the hospital nursing a nasty injury.

If you are a business owner, what types of commercial non-slip flooring material should you choose? Which one is the safest option for a particular use or setting? Read on to find out.

Epoxy flooring for industrial environments

Industrial settings are high traffic areas. The floors are exposed to pressures and stresses that may be double that of less busy settings. Moreover, the flooring material meets different types of chemical compounds and contaminants. Perhaps the top industrial and retail flooring option is the epoxy resin. The coating offers an aesthetic advantage while providing protection if installed properly.

Epoxy resin floors are thermal shock resistant and easy to clean and maintain as well. Cost-effective epoxy flooring that allows for design customisation may cost more than expected, but it is a smart and long-term investment.

Quarry tile for commercial kitchens

For entrepreneurs invested in the food industry, the set-up of a commercial kitchen often spells the difference between great service and a total disaster. Industry standard quarry tile is great for the intensely hot, high traffic, and bustling routines of commercial kitchens. The heavy-duty material is a great flooring option because there is none better equipped to deal with a boiling stock that spills.

Quarry tile will not break when exposed to high temperatures. It will hold its own despite the accumulation of grease and food particles.

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Non-slip vinyl for senior residences

When the discussion revolves around the safest flooring material for senior residences, non-slip vinyl is always in the conversation. Step it up further with luxury vinyl, which performs admirably despite stains and endures wheelchair passes.

You want to create a safe and agreeable environment, don’t you? Think about what you need and choose a flooring material that offers the right mix of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Posted on October 31, 2018