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Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Truck Driver Staffing Agency

Truck driver reporting situation in radioOne of the reasons you would want to use a staffing firm in getting your truck drivers is quality and cost-effective services. But, how do you achieve these, among other benefits? Here are the secrets to choosing that particular firm that addresses your needs.

Carry out research

Conducting extensive research is critical to landing yourself suitable driver staffing pros for your needs, notes Centerline Drivers. Ask for references from family, friends, and associates. Talk to people with first-hand experience with these companies. Seek to know how satisfied they were and if they would contract the same recruiters in the future. Supplement your research using the web. Get into their website and take a look at past client reviews.

Ask for licensing and certification

Excellent staffing firms are confident to show relevant credentials to their clients. At this point, ask for the original copies as well. Ensure the licenser is a body recognized by the local state authorities or government. The recruitment staff must be holders of relevant academic papers. Check on them and be sure the issuers are an accredited institution. A two to three-year experience in the industry is also an added advantage.

Check on payment methods

Just like you and your company, driver recruitment firms are in business and must be paid after offering services. And payment terms may differ depending on their clients’ needs. A contract is always the best option if you want to work with them on a long-term basis. However, if you want a limited number of drivers, a finder’s fee is a perfect match for you.

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Recruitment agencies relieve you all the hassles involved in finding the right candidates. Training, resume screening, headhunting, and conducting interviews are all costly processes. But using a recruitment firm protects your finances, and you only pay a fraction of these costs for the staffing services.

  • Posted on June 15, 2018