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Types of Home Window Tints

White glass windowsEnergy efficiency, privacy, and safety are the major factors that dictate of whether or not you should tint your windows. Additionally, these factors also determine the type of window tint you should go for.

Window tinting in Palmerston North is an ideal solution for homes where heat, glare, and fading of a home’s carpets and upholstery is likely to occur. They are not only economical but also easy to apply, and they offer privacy without blocking your view.

For you to get value for your money, here are some options worth considering.

Dyed Film

Manufacturers make this tint by adding specific dyes to a polymer film. It is the darkest, hence has the highest rate of heat absorption. It is ideal for prevention of glare from the sun, or any other type of light.

It also protects the interiors of your home from fading, thanks to its high absorption rate. Due to its extra dark appearance, it is also useful for beautification purposes in homes that do not require heat reduction.

Ceramic Tint

This is the newest tinting technology on the market today. It uses nano-ceramic technology to absorb double the amount of heat compared with dyed film or the hybrid category, while still maintaining a lighter shade. It has the best clarity and offers the highest level of durability.

Crystalline tint

This tint provides heat barrier and infrared without darkening your home windows. Although it is made up of over 200 layers of films with different shades, it still gives a lighter shade in comparison to most standard tinting products.

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It blocks approximately 60 % of the heat coming through the windows and at least 95 % of sun rays.

Whereas most people think that they can pull off a do-it-yourself tint installation project, professional installation is always ideal. Reason being, the result of a professionally done job is always better, and the tint is bound to last longer.

  • Posted on January 16, 2018