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Types of Modern Conference Room Technology Suitable for your Event

Group of people meeting in a roomSome managers and staff members dread meetings since they view them as irritating time sinks, which hinder productivity.

A recent business meetings survey established that there is a significant generational gap about how people feel about meetings. At least 55% of millennial view them as productive while only 45% of the older generation think so. The difference was established on the types of technology each generation is familiar with, as the younger generation tends to get on board faster where advanced technology is concerned. Some companies like Quest Workspaces are making it easier for a range of different employees to enjoy meetings and get the most from them by providing a range of different types of conference experiences.

Here are three conference rooms’ technologies that are suitable for your meetings in West Palm Beach.

Collaboration in the Cloud

Failure to gather everyone in the meeting room can result in project delays, repetitive meeting recaps, and unproductive meetings due to lack of the key players. However, online connectivity through cloud conferences allows for managers and staff members to engage in the meeting from various offices and time zones. This transition to cloud has transformed the business opportunities of many businesses and has made meetings more interactive and meaningful.

Interactive Whiteboards

Traditional whiteboards are problematic in that, the markers are messy, the boards carry permanent ghost images, and the information presented cannot be shared outside the conference room. However, all this is now in the past, with the introduction of digital whiteboards that have interactive panel displays. This technology gives you an opportunity of sharing and storing images and data and gives you a clean slate when you need to start a new page.

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Corporate leaders must find a central location of the above technologies. This will ensure that meetings change from the ordinary matter of fact meeting to something more productive that will grow the company. All these technologies provide you with high-performance software that improves the clarity and the flow of ideas.

  • Posted on August 13, 2018