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Understanding a Common Problem in Roofs: Clogging in the Downspout Cage

A Roof's GutterThe downspout cage is your gutter system’s wire strainer. You can find it at the intersection of the gutter and the downspout. Along with the downspout elbows and seams, as well as the hangers and spikes, he downspout cage is a common component of roofs that can get clogged.

Experienced roofers in Naperville share some facts about this important component of your property.

Why Does Clogging Occur in This Area?

Clogging occurs in the downspout cage mainly due to the lack of cleaning. Because it is designed to trap debris (or deposits from the wind, trees, leaves, and bugs), it requires regular clean-up sessions. Sometimes, water that will pass through washes down these accumulated debris. In some instances, however, the water will only be blocked.

Signs of a Clogged Gutter on Rainy and Non-Rainy Days

On rainy days, detecting clogs in the downspout cage is nearly effortless. If rainwater does not come out of downspout extensions, something along the way is stopping the flow. Another sign is that water is spilling over your gutter system’s edges.

Meanwhile, it is quite challenging to detect clogs in the downspout cage on non-rainy days. Unless you climb to your roof and check the downspout cage, you may not find out. You should also pay attention to signs, such as peeling paint on the fascia and siding and erosion below your gutter system.

The Solution

An ideal solution for the elimination of clogs in the downspout cage would revolve around the need for a clean cage. The roofers will remove the cage, as well as the build-up of debris. Granted that it is in working condition, they will re-seat the downspout cage in the hole.

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If the solution works, the clogs will no longer cause a problem. In the event that the downspout cage is in poor condition, professional roofers would suggest replacing the screens. For a few dollars, you can buy these replacement screens in hardware stores.

To prevent serious damage that clogged gutters can cause, roofers would recommend regular maintenance. Unless you remove accumulated debris in the downspout cage manually, your gutter system will remain clogged. Manual cleaning of the gutters at least twice each year will do.

  • Posted on May 8, 2017