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Understanding SEO Writing: A Beginner’s Guide

Content SEO Written on a White BackgroundSEO writing is Search Engine Optimisation writing. It entails writing content that will attract search engines to draw people or customers specifically. SEO writing is one of the most effective strategies in attaining website traffic, which can turn into revenue. If you are a writer considering this strategy, below are a few basics.

Types of SEO Content

  • Blogs – blogs are the most common type of content used in SEO writing. They are great in building website authority since they are more engaging and more likely to attract links than other content types.
  • Product Pages – product pages are ideal for e-commerce sites as they can serve as both SEO content and PPC landing pages.
  • Infographics – infographics are large format images that contain texts and illustrations. They are ideal for disseminating information and racking up page views and links.

How to SEO Your Content

When optimising your content for search engines, below are a few elements to include in writing.

  • Keyword Research – to generate traffic through search, it is important to do research on the keywords to use in writing. For example, you can use “dresses for sale” if your website is about selling dresses online.
  •  Keyword Optimisation – this is where you use the keywords you have come up with. Know where to insert such keywords in your article for maximum optimisation.
  • Content Organisation – this is how you organise your web content in an SEO-friendly way. In Singapore, an SEO company says that doing this helps visitors when looking for specific content or topics.
  • Content Promotion – apart from using keywords, you should also promote your content in social networks to build links both internally and from external sites.
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Is SEO Writing For Me?

The demand for SEO writing is high. Businesses and agencies hire writers who can create SEO content to boost site traffic as well as revenue. If you are a writer planning to enter the digital marketing scene, consider writing for SEO. Apart from learning something new, this can also boost your career.

  • Posted on March 30, 2017