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Vacation Lodges: Giving New Life to Your Old Home

Vacation Home in WiriReal estate is a good business if you’re willing to put in a little risk in favour of possible profit. If you have a home that isn’t getting a lot of use because of its distant location, turn it into a vacation home that you can rent out. You can even use it for your own holidays, too.

Maintenance Check

First things first: Make sure everything is working. Old homes, especially the ones built in a previous decade, may pose a health hazard to your clientele. Check the electricity, water, heating, walls, roofing and the works. A vacation home should be comfortable and inviting, putting guest’s minds at ease. In addition, you will need to call in a professional New Zealand pest control company to get rid of the unwanted “residents” that have taken over during your absence.

Modernise the Luxuries

If your home is outdated and you aren’t planning nostalgic or historical holiday packages, invest in putting up-to-date appliances, furnishings and equipment to your house’s overall design. It doesn’t have to be top-notch technology. Install just enough to let your guests enjoy standard modern features. A Wi-Fi connection, cable, and even a modern kitchen would be enough to give your old house a facelift that can give comfort to most city dwellers.


Promote the opening of your new lodge months in advance. That way, you can arrange reservations for the coming holiday months. Use your social network, contacts, friends, and family to create enough buzz for your home vacation rental. You can also consider looking for a trustworthy real estate company that can manage and offer your vacation house to the right target market.

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Vacation lodges can become profitable businesses when done right. This is a better way than letting your house rot away in neglect. Don’t let that empty house stay empty. Bring some life into it and start building a place where you and other guests can enjoy themselves.

  • Posted on August 3, 2016