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Visual Hierarchy in Designing Websites

The desk of a web designerVisual hierarchy is the element that grabs the attention of visitors and directs their eyes the most. There’s no one formula to create a proper hierarchy, but certain aspects are building blocks that allow you to create a website that can compete with the best.


The bigger something is, the more noticeable it is. But it isn’t always better. A simple way to describe this is that your most important site elements must be the largest. A bigger sized object that is within the range of a visitor is much easier to click on and engage with. This is important for calls to action, as you should leave no doubt on what a visitor must do when they reach a certain part of a page.

When creating buttons and using font and photos, size is important. Hitch Studio and other experts on web design from South Dakota added that you should also to consider contrast, clickability, readability, legibility, and importance to a page.


The choice of color for your website, even if it is white, will influence the perception of visitors. Remember that colors elicit certain emotions and have psychological connections to those that view it. Colors have a hierarchy. For example, red and black are attention grabbers, while cream and yellow are ideal for backgrounds. You can enhance the effects of colors by using contrast and opposites.


The layout of your site is a direct way to control the visual hierarchy of your website. One of the aspects to consider is prime pixels, a principle to implement is one of Fitt’s Laws, which makes the most of the location that is easiest to reach. These are the borders and corners of a screen, as the display in the middle changes when a visitor scrolls up and down, but the sides and corners remain the same.

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Implementing these improves the visual hierarchy of your website. It may boost your conversion rate and user experience. Both of which are important to the success of your marketing campaigns.

  • Posted on April 21, 2017