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Want to be a Skateboarder? Consider Longboarding First

Longboarding To the uninitiated, a skateboard and a longboard may appear quite similar. They do, however, integrate a number of differences that can help a beginner decide on which of the two they should buy.

Some of these differences include their shape. The deck of a skateboard curves upwards on both sides. This allows the user to perform tricks such as kickflips. A longboard, meanwhile, has two narrow strips at both ends, which makes it more stable.

A skateboard, moreover, is usually about 30 inches long and 7 inches wide, while a Longboard’s length varies from 22 to 45 inches. Its width is usually about 9 inches wide. Longboards usually have softer and larger wheels which, compared to skateboards, making them easier to ride, even on rougher surfaces.

Longboard vs Skateboard

Is longboarding easier than skateboarding, then? It depends on what you want to achieve.

If you are looking for a smooth, high-speed ride over long distances, the longboard is your best bet. On the other hand, if you stare at skateboarders as they go out of stores like OC Ramps and conquer the local skate park’s grind rails, then a skateboard is the natural choice for you. Skateboards work well for trick skating, verticals on half-pipes, and other specific niche activities.

Better for Beginners

Professionals say that for beginners trying to get the feel of riding a board, it would be easier to practice on a longboard. Relatively speaking, it takes less time to get used to riding the longboard, mainly because of its design. Thanks to its long wheelbases and bigger decks, longboards allow for more room to move and to find a comfortable stance. These design features make skating less daunting to first-time riders who may be worried about losing their balance.

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If you want something more challenging and are looking forward to learning some tricks in the future, consider a skateboard that suits your skill level. More importantly, make sure to consult your fellow skaters or professionals from the skateboard shop for a bit of help choosing your first board.



  • Posted on February 20, 2017