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Want to Promote Your Business? Three Factors to Consider

Business man mapping some plans on his office deskAs difficult as it may be to believe, a goldfish’s attention span now seems to have exceeded that of the average individual, which is at an all-time low of eight seconds. Less than two decades ago, it was twelve seconds. This demands to rethink a lot of the methodologies and tactics in grabbing consumers’ attention in an increasingly distracted world. The rarity of human attention has led to studies and discoveries in the understanding of human attention.

According to Harvard Business School Associate Professor, Thales Teixeira, the cost of human attention has recorded the most significant business expense increase in the last quarter of a century. Having leapt seven to ninefold in the last twenty-seven years only, the challenge before business owners and marketers is how to capture and retain consumers’ attention cost-effectively. These are three factors to consider.


According to a survey conducted by research firm, Nielsen, eighty-three percent of those surveyed stated that recommendations by family and friends were more trustworthy. Another sixty-six percent considered consumer opinions found online to be trustworthy. In other words, the exhibition stands used by a business will attract valuable attention from a consumer when backed by positive word of mouth.

Evoke curiosity

Curiosity produces a pull effect on consumers as they want to see what is behind the curtains. Of course, the business must be prepared to substantiate its claims (if any) made in the course of the promotion. Failure to provide substance very easily leads to a trust deficit which could prove costly.


Using Coca-Cola as an example, you can easily conclude that personalisation works. It must be added that it should be done right. The company’s Share-a-coke campaign earned it a two percent increase in sales after a ten-year run of a sales slump.

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Speak graphically

Using exhibition stands could be very effective in attracting scarce attention if the design contains pictures that speak powerfully. As you may have noticed, a single anti-smoking graphic can evoke powerful emotions and retain attention.

Consumers’ attention may be scarce but as business owners and marketers evolve in strategy, share-of-attention may also increase especially as powerfully visual means are employed.



  • Posted on July 15, 2017