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Water Made Clean: 4 Industrial Applications of Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plantThere’s a reason people are expected to conserve water. After all, this liquid is a finite resource that could run out if used improperly. Used water usually means it has become too dirty to be used again, which is why wastewater treatment companies exist. Their purpose is to make water clean again so that it could be used by households and businesses alike.

Here’s a closer look at the industrial applications of wastewater treatment:

Environmental Remediation

As waterform.com.au explains, environmental remediation means the procedure of removing pollutants like chemical waste or sewage sludge from the environment — be it soil or water. As many industries need water for their daily operations, they’ll require environmental remediation to ensure that the water supply for their operations is clean.

Stormwater Harvesting

Collecting rainwater from roofs is done by certain households, but stormwater harvesting is different because it collects runoff or water from drains and creeks. It is also used to catch runoff from man-made areas like gardens, parks, or sporting grounds. After the water is collected, it can be purified for eventual reuse.

Beverage Production

The beverage industry requires a lot of water to create its bottled drinks. It also would need water for sanitising the bottles and cleaning the bottling machines. Beverage production areas that are located in an urban environment would need to have their water supply tested for pH changes. This would ensure that the water to be used for the beverages can’t be too acidic or basic.

Abattoir Processing

An abattoir or slaughterhouse usually has wastewater that is filled with fat, blood, and other substances from processed animal meat. As this would produce a strong stench, abattoirs are expected to have their wastewater treated so that it won’t inconvenience others in the area.

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Water is a resource that is best used wisely by individuals and industries alike. This can be done by purifying used water and reusing them, which can be done by wastewater treatment. Thanks to companies who do this service, your home or business can have water made clean again.

  • Posted on August 3, 2018