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What Caused America’s Shortage of Truck Drivers?

Truck driver inside truck drivingThe subtle impact of new rules in 2004 for measuring the maximum work hours for U.S. truck drivers caused a shortage of employees, but companies are now finding ways to undo the effect.

Some are creating shorter routes for workers to provide them with more time at home, which can be an ideal alternative to a higher salary. Most people hesitate to take on the role of a truck driver due to the long hours.

Regulatory Changes

Industry advocates also want to lower the minimum age for a person to apply for interstate trucking job openings. Instead of 21 years old, the proposal seeks to allow those who are at least 18 years old. This can present some challenges, including the process for obtaining commercial driver’s licenses.

If you require temporary workers for a seasonal uptick in demand, many staffing agencies may connect you with the qualified personnel who already have a commercial license. As the U.S. economy grows, the need to find more drivers becomes more prominent.

Economic Impact

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) said that for-hire truck tonnage between January and June rose more than double in the same period last year. This indicates good news about the economy, but it also presents the urgency of recruiting new drivers since most shipments move by truck.

In the next ten years, the ATA also expects a need for 90,000 new drivers per year. Otherwise, consumers will have to bear the brunt of higher prices for goods, as retailers will likely pass on the cost of higher rates charged by freight transportation companies.

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It might take a while before new drivers could help in solving the high demand for trucking work. Transportation companies with urgent shipping requirements should then consider hiring a staffing agency, especially now that the holiday season is just a few weeks away.

  • Posted on November 7, 2018