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What Makes a School Excellent: Top Three Factors

School locker room hallwayDubai has always been among the top when it comes to having outstanding schools, both private and public, with a continuously growing list. This year, Dubai’s number of outstanding schools grew by two, bringing the total to 16.

These Dubai schools rank high based on test scores and the best facilities. Some factors come into play that can make a school an excellent one.

The atmosphere

A school should be a place where students would want to go and stay. Dubai schools, private or public, that rank high create an atmosphere conducive to learning by ensuring that both students and teachers are provided with the learning support they need. A warm and welcoming atmosphere would make students and faculty alike perform their best.

Dedicated educators

For a school to excel, it needs a dedicated team of educators who continuously strive to improve themselves for their development, as well as their students. Educators need to be knowledgeable, and they need to specialize in the subject they teach.

Variety in teaching

A school stands out from the rest when it understands that students are individuals and no two students are alike. A school should offer various methods that would cater to the diverse learning styles of students—auditory, kinesthetic, and visual—so each type of learner would be able to understand the key concepts. Moreover, they should take the time to provide each student with the attention that they need, ensuring that no student is left behind.

Aside from these factors, there are more that contribute to the excellence of a school and its students and faculty. Ultimately, it takes the combined efforts of everyone involved in ensuring that the school achieves its goals to remain at the top.

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  • Posted on June 8, 2017