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What to Do in London in Between Studying

Big Ben a known landmark in LondonStudying in London can be one of the most exciting experiences for people coming from beyond the city. There is so much to see and do, in addition to hitting the books. Below are some tips on what to do around Central London (make sure to book a conveniently located student accommodation) to make the most of your experience culturally and academically.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

A must see in the City of London, this architectural genius has been on the site since 604 A.D. The current building dates from 1697, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, as part of the rebuilding efforts following the Great Fire of London.

The whispering gallery at the top is a fascinating feature, and the view from the top affords vistas of all London.

Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop on Portsmouth St, Holborn, is a fascinating place to kill time in between hours of studying. Charles Dickens fans will love the quaint building and its contents, which is a 16th-century construction made from ship remnants and stands proud as a survivor of the Great Fire.

The British Museum

Not only is this a must-see, but you could also visit the museum several times as its entrance is free. From Pharaohs to modern times, almost every major civilisation on earth seems to be represented here.

Guildhall Art Gallery

This is another freebie, which will certainly please your student budget. The Guildhall Art Gallery is home to many pieces of art that also serve as a historical guide of the Square Mile of London. As a bonus, it holds the remains of a Roman amphitheatre discovered in the complex recently.

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London is not only a wonderful place to study, but it is also a bustling city with a fascinating history around every twist and turn. You can find many incredible tourist attractions and points of interest close to your student accommodation in Central London.

  • Posted on February 9, 2018