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What You Need to Know About the Brand Identity Prism

Brand IdentityA brand can be any of the following: a term, name, symbol, design or anything that may associate your products or services with it. It is also a differentiating point of your company from the competition. The identity you create and maintain is the representation of your organization’s reputation through the values, strengths, passions and purpose you convey. Marketing firms in NYC agree that understanding this concept enables you to gain competitive advantage.

The Physical Aspect

A part of a brand is its tangible appearance; be it a logo, color combinations, package and its communities. One example of this is the font and shape of the bottle of Coke. This is the direct association of your company to your intended audience. This has to be recognizable and distinct to distinguish your products or services from the competition. A strong physical appearance grabs the attention of potential customer, getting you a foot through the door.

The Brand Character

If you catch the eyes of an audience with the tangible aspects of your brand, you keep them loyal with brand character. This is how your company communicates with the marketplace. Express this with a distinct design, a unique voice and a distinct personality. Associating your branding scheme with emotions such as playfulness, happiness, and other positive ones boost differentiation.

The Value System

A connection between your brand and the culture of your company helps build identity and differentiate your products and services from the competition. It also makes it easier to create and implement campaigns that effectively reach your audience.

The Stereotypical Customer

Your brand may have several customer personas, but there is almost always a stereotypical buyer. Knowing this allows you to build a strong identity that resonates with them. Targeting a specific group of people enables you to build trust and loyalty.

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Understanding these concepts of brand identity enables you to create, build and maintain a strong differentiating position in the minds of your target consumers.

  • Posted on November 28, 2016