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When Tree Removal is Necessary

A house with trees in the gardenTrees add beauty to the landscape and increase the value of your property. The colour green soothes and calms the eyes and help it recover from strain. It provides shade, reduces pollution and provides a habitat for birds and other animals.

However, trees are also dangerous to people and their property. Tree roots could grow and undermine pipelines and gas lines underground. Branches could break and hit windows and roofs. During storms, trees could break and endanger many people.

In New Zealand, Tauranga, people can prevent this and hire tree removal experts to cut down the tree and grind the stump afterwards.

Why stump grinding?

You can remove tree stumps on your property and that your lawn has more space for you and your family. You can expand your flower garden, or build a swimming pool. You can even extend your children’s sandbox and play area.

Some stumps are hard to see, especially if you have a lot of greenery on your lawn. Stumps could catch you unaware and cause serious falls and injury. Your lawn mower could also get damaged if it hits a stump.

A tree stump could also attract insects and cause new sprouts to grow around the base. It could take away nutrients from other plants, and become a nest for unwanted pests and insects. A decayed stump is a haven for wood borers, termites, rodents, ants, and other unwanted pests that could infest your house.

What makes a Tree Removal Service Reputable?

A reputable company should have the appropriate credentials and licences. An unlicensed company’s employees may not have received the proper training and don’t have the right equipment.

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A company with adequate insurance coverage covers the expenses for any damage to your home. It protects you and the employee by covering any injury during work. So look for the right tree removal service and avoid dealing with questionable companies.

  • Posted on November 22, 2017