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Why All Businesses Should Shred Their Paper

Shredding Documents to keep information secureEven small businesses should shred their documentation after use. The law demands this practice and it protects the business’s reputation, along with their customers. Shredding and recycling paper is ethical and helps the environment.

Despite security procedures, identity fraud is a rapidly growing crime. The statistics from just 277 banks and businesses in 2016 showed that almost 173,000 people were victims of identity theft. Outdoor letterboxes, computer hacking, the dark web and improper use of personal information are some of the ways people become victims of this crime. The perpetrator can then take out credit cards and loans using the victims’ information or access their bank accounts.

Businesses who obtain personal information from their clients need to be vigilant about how they keep and dispose of that information. Fraudsters are known to look through dustbins to find the information they can use to obtain money.

What the Law Says about Data Protection

The law says that any personal data obtained by a business must be used fairly and lawfully. It must be used for a specific purpose and only for what is necessary. It should be kept for no longer than necessary and handled in a secure way to protect it against fraud.

Once documents are no longer needed, a safe way businesses can dispose of them is by shredding them. This way, criminals cannot match up addresses, names or other identifying information.

Recycle Shredded Paper

After all sensitive documentation has been shredded, the question is what to do with all the shredded paper. Responsible businesses recycle it to conserve the environment by using paper shredding services. Hiring a professional waste management company to transport and recycle paper products will give the business an ethical seal of approval and improve its reputation.

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Identity fraud is an ongoing threat and conscientious businesses must be careful how they keep and dispose of documents. Shredding and recycling help customer’s details private whilst preserving the planet at the same time.

  • Posted on October 17, 2018