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Why Australian Truck Drivers Need More Safety Training Than Other Jobs

a man driving a silver truckAustralian safety supplies remain important for any type of job, although truck drivers need those more than other kinds of occupations.

A study showed that truck drivers are 13 times more likely to die on the job compared to other workers. The construction and agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries completed the top three most dangerous sectors.

Research Findings

Monash University ranked trucking as the least safe job after analysing 545 worker compensation claims within a 12-year timeline, from 2004 to 2015. Truckers are not only more vulnerable to fatalities, but are also prone to social isolation and fatigue due to long hours and pressure to deliver shipments on time.

Their status as the most dangerous job may have influenced Safe Work Australia to name the transport, postal and warehousing industry as the riskiest employment sector. The study’s findings led the trucking industry to call for better safety policies among employers.

Best Practices on Safety

Employers should consider beefing up their workplace safety rules and resources to prevent workplace injuries, which caused one million weeks of lost work during the study’s covered period. Lost productivity indicated business losses for trucking companies, so better safety would mean hitting two birds with one stone.

Physical injuries are only a fraction of the overall problem. Truck drivers are also prone to mental health issues, which accounted for 50% of compensation claims. These employees took at least 10 weeks of time off from work. Hence, investing in better safety training and equipment seems to be the better alternative for employers

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Whether or not you run a trucking business, it is important to train your employees and equip them with the right equipment for their own safety. By doing so, you would prevent considerable losses and save money from costly compensation claims at the same time.

  • Posted on September 13, 2018