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Why Mexican Food is Good for You


Mexican food looks delicious, smells delicious and tastes delicious, and the best news is, it’s good for you too! Colorado’s top Mexican restaurant explains why you can indulge in the South American menu without guilt.

Enjoying a night out at the local Colorado Mexican restaurant doesn’t immediately strike people as a health-conscious thing to do, but actually, the Mexican diet can have health benefits.

The Health Secrets of Mexico

In fact, Mexicans are generally healthier than Americans and other Mexicans who were born in the U.S. Why? They have a healthier lifestyle than their American counterparts, eat less junk food and smoke less. Their cuisine, too, is part of the reason.

Spicy Food Protects the Stomach

Some Mexican recipes contain chili peppers. For people with a history of stomach ulcers or those who have to take anti-inflammatory medications, spicy chili’s can protect the stomach lining by reducing the amount of acid it produces, which can slash the chance of getting a peptic ulcer by more than half. The active ingredient in the chili – capsaicin – is so effective people bottle it and sell it in health food stores.

Leaner Meats the Healthier Choice

Mexican dishes tend to contain less red meat and more lean meats like chicken and pork. These provide beneficial fats for the brain and proteins to keep a person fuller for longer without clogging the arteries or increasing the risk of cancer.

An Abundance of Antioxidants from Fruit

Mexico is famous for its abundance of tropical juices that are packed with antioxidants.

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Cancer Fighting Veg

Vegetables like cabbage and squash, pulses and beans, plentiful in the Mexican diet, can boost the immune system and help prevent cancer.

America’s Favorite Food

The best thing about Mexican food is that unlike some other healthy foods, it looks and tastes great and has become America’s number one favorite food.

To find out what the fuss is about, why not try Colorado Mexican restaurants for yourself?

  • Posted on October 13, 2017