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Why You Should Invest In Location-Based Advertising

A Map With A Pin There are already many businesses utilising location-based advertising.

Luxury brand department store Barneys digitised its branch in Chelsea, helping customers navigate through the store. This location-based advertising also alerts users through their app if there is new content and notifies users what is in stock in a nearby branch.

A great example of location-based advertising here in Singapore is the ingenious app HungryGoWhere.  By now, many of us have enjoyed its takeaway service, found hot deals from restaurants and discovered cuisines we had never tried before.

If you have been considering location-based advertising such as using location-based apps, now is the time. Consumers simply love them and here are the reasons:

The prompts they get are relevant

Everyone wants information they can use. When consumers receive texts or app notifications coming from establishments nearby, they can easily access what is being offered to them. This is the core purpose of location-based advertising. You, as a business owner, would want to attract consumers near you; and consumers, with their wants and needs, want to know who is accessible to them for their needs.

They are more trustworthy

Consumers do not see apps as a business platform for advertising, they see it as a portal to information. With applications that allow other users to leave reviews, they can see if the product or establishment’s description is honest. The reviews, in return, can boost your business’ reputation and get you more customers.

Access to Rewards

Nobody hates freebies and discounts. Offering rewards or perks always incentivise customers for securing your products or services. But sometimes, they do not even know you are offering these perks or discounts. Sending an SMS, MMS or e-mail to consumers guarantee that you optimise your reach with your promo.

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Do not be afraid if you cannot afford to have an app made for your business. You can have your business listed in already existing apps, or utilise the classic SMS. With a great message, even a simple text message can lure consumers.


  • Posted on April 7, 2017