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Will There Be New Types of Jobs in Australia by 2030?

Technology used by a construction workerThe job market in Australia will change by 2030 with the addition of new jobs, including an emotional experience expert and a bionic interface designer, according to Commonwealth Bank’s Jobs and Skills of the Future Report.

The report’s author, Ross Dawson, said that a major reason for the creation of these new jobs is the rapid pace of digital connections. It provides employers with an opportunity to find out how people can cater to these new connections.

New-Era Jobs

Australians will need to possess new skills to perform these futuristic jobs. Dawson listed design thinking, analysis, relationship building and financial intelligence as some of the anticipated skills for new jobs.

If you decide to become an emotional experience expert in the future, you would need to work closely with technology as part of an emotionally engaging customer service. For a bionic interface designer, your job description involves controlling robotic technology for physical activities. The creation of these new job types will eventually require employers to conduct background investigations. A criminal record check online application makes it easy for employers to screen applicants.

Worker Exodus

While technology job types are expected to grow in the future, industry employees have been planning to leave Sydney. Despite the addition of 342,000 jobs in the city between 2011 and 2016, many still want to look for technology and finance jobs in other cities, such as Brisbane and Melbourne.

Indeed economist Callam Pickering believes that skilled workers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sector look for jobs outside of New South Wales “if the right job is available”.

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The creation of new career types in the future bodes well for job hunters. It might be better to start equipping yourselves with the necessary skills as early as now, as competition could be tight.

  • Posted on November 24, 2017