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Women in Business: What Makes Them Good at It

Image of a businesswoman leaderBecause God created men and women equal, men do not have a monopoly of good business acumen. This is why in the United States, as in many other countries, you will find successful women in business.

What makes them so? Let us find out.

Qualities of successful businesswomen

  • Passionate – Women are passionate at what they do. If it is important to them, they put their hearts into it. They are ready to work hard and make sacrifices if needed.
  • Intuitive – There should be no argument to this, as numerous studies say women are more intuitive than men. They can discern the intentions behind the little things that people do.
  • Good listeners – They make an effort to listen, born out of genuine interest in the business of others. Although some of them love to talk about it.
  • Cooperative – The more important aspect, actually, is being less revolting. Women collaborate more, before complaining.
  • Diligent – They are willing to spend the time to learn, and there are good women’s business magazines in the United States and elsewhere, which can be very helpful.
  • Less egocentric – Women are more willing to lower their pride than men are until the cup gets full – then they take action.
  • Less impetuous – They are more rationale in their actions, not giving in easily to temper. They think longer before pulling the trigger.

Qualities of successful businessmen

Of course, men have their own attributes where they are superior to women in business – being more decisive, less influenced by sentiments, and more risk-takers, among others. Statistics show that there are still more men than women in top echelons in business, although women are fast catching up.

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So, does that even the score? Perhaps not. However, what is clear is that, where women are ahead of the men in business, it is not so much their technical competencies, which can be learned in school or acquired from experience; but rather, it is the natural qualities of women that make the difference.

  • Posted on November 26, 2017